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I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome at age 9. I spent the next 17 years of my life battling this disease daily. I was in and out of the emergency room. I saw several specialists and tried several drugs including an immunosuppressant drug with no noticeable improvement. The acute stomach pain, bloody diarrhea, weight loss, headaches, fatigue, anxiety/ depression and joint pain had made me feel completely hopeless, With all options exhausted I was referred to Dr. Heath and decided to give holistic medicine a chance. We started a gluten free diet immediately while awaiting my food sensitivity test results. I felt undeniable improvements within weeks. I have now started my specialized diet and am feeling better than I ever have. I finally know what it means to love life.”

J. P.

I went to Dr. Heath because I thought I needed a Chiropractor. He is so much more than a Chiropractic. He is a Functional Doctor who looks at the body as a whole to get to the root of the cause of your problem. He then corrects the problem whether physical or emotional. By using many different techniques such as physical manipulation and brain tapping he has helped me let go of past issues that were held in my body. I am a happier person and others have noticed.”

Diane T.

My name is Miriam Ronit Barak. I am 62 years old, a retired Brazilian Pediatrician. My husband Alon Barak and I have been married and living in Israel for 10 years. Three years ago I started to have serious health issues. Everything started with joint pain throughout the body. It then progressed to skin lesions and also many visual abnormalities. I went through medical tests and evaluations in Israel and in Brazil. I then realized that with the conventional medical approach, I was only getting worse. At this time we we received an invitation for a treatment with the Chiropractors Dr. Tom Heath and his wife Dr. Darlene Heath at Heath Wellness Center, in Landisville, Pa. We were there for about two weeks. Even though I have known them for years; I was surprised not only by the variety of their treatment techniques; but also the magnitude of their healing vision. The goal of the treatment presented to us was more that the treatment of the signals, symptoms and diseases. They look for the root causes of dysfunction or disease. They do structural body evaluation, a nutritional evaluation, assessment of life-style, emotional traumas and behavioral analysis. For me it was also necessary to do some lab tests.

After the detection of root causes of my health problems, the goal of the treatment was to restore functions of my body as a whole, For that, they utilize many techniques: Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Neuro Emotional Technique, Quantum Neurology rehabilitation, nutritional and behavioral counseling and Brain Tap. I got a better understanding and therefore a better administration of my own health. Understanding the need of changes in thought patterns, feelings, and attitudes, as well as changes in life-style, plus receiving the necessary help to start those changes is the “key” for healing. Having already an improvement of many of my dysfunctions, I want to thank profoundly the warm embrace and care given us from the Heath’s family. We also received a living example of people having a wonderful family and community relationship. On top of that we can talk about the beauty of the area where they live. My husband and I truly recommend to all our friends worldwide that they take at least two weeks and have the opportunity to dedicate this time to this treatment. I, as a medical doctor, can say it is EXTRAORDINARY!”

Miriam B.


The sign above the inner office door reads: Enter to get well. That has been the experience of my son under the caring attention of the staff and the knowledge of Dr. Heath.

He has received major health and quality of life improvement through neuro-emotional technique therapy and chiropractic care with Dr. Heath that has not been available to him anywhere else.”

E. W.

I love Dr. Heath. I love what he does and the methods he uses. I believe in what he does. I like to be well. And I always look forward to when I get to come in.”

Steve S.

Dr. Heath offers a complete comprehensive evaluation of your health care needs. He works aggressively to make sure that you receive the best treatment and recovery without putting a band aid on your symptoms. I fell, fractured my spine, and herniated 3 of my discs. Dr. Heath brought much needed relief. Subsequently, I moved 16 hours away and was forced to seek treatment from other chiropractors in my area and they were able to offer me some benefits. However, I came back to visit Dr. Heath, brought him my newest x-rays, and after leaving I got more results than I had during the 7 months of seeing other chiropractors. My wife visited after hitting her head from a motorcycle accident and he found things that her neurologist couldn’t find. He adjusted her skull, corrected her neck due to some compression and stimulated the brain to heal quickly. He is a complete wellness doctor. If you want to truly be taken care of, find answers, and correct things for the longevity, I highly recommend Dr. Heath. He doesn’t push anything on you that you don’t need and cares about you as a person.”

Dean C.

After 14 years of pain, sometimes really bad, I now have my life back. After 5 months or something of treatments. I now can sleep through the night without pain. I can enjoy bubble baths once again.”

C. J.

I highly recommend Dr. Heath and his team. I have major sciatica issues along with a lot of underlining problems that caused it. Dr. Heath has recognized and corrected these issues and has made me feel so much better. After every appointment I felt a major improvement. I’m still a work in progress, and I look forward to every visit.”

Sarah J.

I just want to Thank Heath Chiropractic Clinic and Wellness Center For helping me with my ulcer and my hiatal hernia, Vitamin U did the trick, for my stomach. If you have any Digestive problems check with Dr. Heath. You will be glad you did.”

Duane W.

Dr. Tom Heath is incredibly learned on a variety of subjects. A true naturopath, he treats the WHOLE person not just a single issue or concern, and he does so naturally. Definitely recommend.”

Jeanne E.

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to spend the summer of 2017 with dear friends in Pennsylvania, USA. It had been 5 eventful years since my last visit and I was in need of rest and recreation. In June, my friends introduced me to Dr. Thomas Heath and his family. I enjoyed good conversation with this man who is knowledgeable about healing and why conventional treatments were failing so many people. I told him of some of my own health concerns; including ongoing fatigue, balance issues, headaches and neck pain since brain surgery (to remove a cerebellar brain tumor called a Hemangioblastoma, thankfully benign) back in December 2014. I told him my recovery had been slow and discouraging. Previous sessions of physical therapy had provided very limited and only temporary relief and I was still taking a number of prescription medications just to help me get through the day and getting small amounts of sleep at night. I was self-conscious of my weaknesses and lacked self-confidence. He simply asked me if I wanted to be well. Yes, I did want to be well, to function and feel so much better, so I agreed to do an assessment with Dr. Tom at the Heath Chiropractic Clinic and Wellness Center.

After taking the time to discuss with me and get my backstory, Dr. Tom worked with me to assess and then address these problems. He ordered and then looked at my x-rays, explained what needed correcting and worked on vertebral alignment. We talked about what I ate and identified some of my nutritional deficiencies and certain foods that were known to cause inflammation. He used muscle testing to pinpoint weaknesses that needed correcting. I like the way he explains how and why he does things. By making sure I attended the appointments at the clinic, staying on track with my eating plan and being more self-aware of what my body was saying, I could literally feel my body changing and healing. I admit, it wasn’t easy some days, change was necessary and not comfortable, but I had committed to a number of sessions and wanted to make the most of this opportunity.

Over those 10 weeks, I noticed improved strength, posture and balance. I had a greater range of movement in my neck and my headaches and joint pain were steadily decreasing. I had less inflammation and I was sleeping longer at night and less fatigued during the day. I also noticed that I was able to ascend and descend stairs at my friend’s house with more speed and confidence. By the end of August, others were noticing changes too. I seemed happier and more confident. I was able to do more and concentrate better because I was less sore and less tired. I was able to decrease and eventually discontinue all but one of my medications. I also had the added bonus of losing 14lbs in weight. Now it’s September, I am home in New Zealand, where it’s coming into spring and I feel the cold! I am still improving on getting quality sleep at night, more active and focused during the day, still eating on plan and lost a wee bit more weight. Now, I am about to have another summer here in New Zealand!

I am so thankful to have met you Dr. Thomas Heath and I unreservedly recommend you and your friendly team at Heath Chiropractic Clinic and Wellness Center!”

Linda B.

We inspire hope at Heath Wellness Center by providing individual care for our patients!

The customer service is always excellent and friendly. Dr. Heath’s therapy is so targeted and incredibly helpful.”

Betty H.

At the time of my first appointment I was wearing reading glasses most of the day, had high blood pressure, wasn’t sleeping well, at night often felt dizzy, had frequent headaches/migraines, almost constant upper back pain, and had been steadily gaining weight for over year.

After my first visit I realized I wasn’t reaching for my glasses in the morning and no longer needed them. I eliminated all dairy, gluten, and sugar from my diet for 90 days. In that time my blood pressure meds were reduced for 50 mg to 12 mg, I’ve lost 30 pounds, I am sleeping through the night, greatly reduced back pain, and only occasionally have a headache. Before going on blood pressure medication a year and a half ago I was having headaches almost every day, frequent heart palpitations and was extremely dizzy. Those symptoms has not returned as I’ve lowered my meds.”

D. B.

Thank you so much for bringing me healing and health every time! I still remember how amazing my first time at your office was. I couldn’t believe the difference it made.”

Graca V.

Dr. Heath is wonderful! I’m 35 years old and I have been largely healthy and active throughout my life. However, I have been suffering with what I refer to as “wonkiness” issues for about seven months. One day I was driving and all of a sudden I felt funny. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I felt not quite dizzy, but a bit weird and off balance. I saw an ER doctor, my primary care doctor several times, cardiac specialists, a neurologist (who diagnosed me with an inner ear vestibular disorder—-incorrectly I would later learn), two different physical therapists, two different eye doctors, an Urgent Care doctor, a new primary care doctor, and finally Dr. Heath. I kept feeling worse and worse over time that for a while I could barely get off the couch. I had to be helped to the shower, I couldn’t sleep on my left side, drop my head to either side or look down without severe vertigo-like feelings. I couldn’t drive anymore either. My eyes got so bad that I sat on the couch with my eyes shut listening to the television for half the day and imagining what was happening on the screen because they were so strained and had such bad nystagmus (eyes shaking from side to side involuntarily) I couldn’t keep them open. I couldn’t read or look at my phone or tablet and I could barely sleep because it felt like I was in a state of perpetual motion.

Once my second physical therapist came into the picture and realized the problem was not coming from my inner ear—it was actually coming from my neck—she started working on the muscles and soft tissue. She did a great job and I started to feel better, the strain on my eyes muscles lessened vastly, but I still needed more. This is where Dr. Heath comes in! He ordered X-rays of my neck, back, and pelvis. After he reviewed the films he saw I had a previous traumatic injury to my neck, spine and pelvic area. He found that due to my neck injury (23 years before) the nerves and blood supply to my vestibular system were being constricted and causing me to feel “wonky.”
I have been seeing Dr. Heath for about a month and a half now and I am doing exponentially better! I’m sleeping on my sides, back, and stomach through the night, I’m driving long distances again, I feel less and less wonky and more and more like my old self! It feels great! You have no idea how much your independence means to you until you lose it! I was afraid I would never get better. I was scared out of my mind wondering how the next 30, 40, or 50 years would be if I couldn’t get this “wonkiness” issue under control. How would I lead a normal life? But thankfully, Dr. Heath is fixing my neck, back, and pelvis and I truly believe I’m going to be even better than the old me.

Dr. Heath cares about his patients and he really wants his patients to achieve total wellness. Feeling “good” isn’t good enough he wants you to lead the active vital lives we were all meant to lead. I’m very grateful for his help on my journey. I think just about anyone can benefit from his extensive knowledge. And if you’re a big baby like me and afraid to get adjusted at first—he’s awesome and really puts you at ease. Don’t think you have to live with the chronic pain or disorders—because chances are you don’t have to!”

Sharon W.

After my visit today with Dr. Heath, I stand taller, straighter, walk more balanced and have no aches. The body/brain and its functions are just amazing and complicated. I’m grateful for Dr. Heath’s expertise, knowledge and ability to figure out “why” thereby reversing symptoms assisting with the healing process.”

Pat S.

Ever since I was young I always remember having the fear of running to the bathroom due to stomach cramping and chronic diarrhea. I would go out to eat and them have to run to the bathroom. When I was in college I would have a drink and have to run to the bathroom. My last two years in college I would get bronchitis every season and have to be put on antibiotics that would cause me to have to run to the bathroom. I was frustrated and depressed! Who wants to constantly have the fear of needing a bathroom nearby every time they would eat or have a drink? I decided to try a gluten free diet own since my symptoms weren’t getting any better. After a year of being on a gluten free diet, my symptoms cleared up, but then eventually flared up again. I went to some physicians who just prescribed me medication that helped the symptoms but didn’t help the underlying issues. When I stopped taking the medication my symptoms would just come back. I realized I needed to get to the bottom of this. I decided to go the natural route and called Dr. Heath’s office. He had me go through a series of tests and my results came back with many food sensitivities and different types of bacteria in my colon from the medications! He put me on a personalized diet and supplements to help my digestive system. I have been on this program for about 5 months now and getting great results! No more stomach cramping! No more diarrhea! I must say it was hard at first but I am so happy with how my body is responding with the program he has put me on and will continue to follow this till my recovery.”

A. N.

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